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Fully Managed Social Media

Don't spend your valuable time managing social media platforms. We'll do it for you

Are you looking for a way to effectively manage your social media platforms without spending countless hours in front of a screen? Tired of trying to keep track of multiple accounts and posts while feeling overwhelmed with content creation, analytics and engagement? You don’t have to do it alone. Our Social Media Management Solutions will free up your time and help you stay connected with the people that matter most!

Engage your followers

We can help you unleash your social potential!

Hiring a dedicated social media manager is an essential step to strengthening your brand’s digital presence. With our help, you’ll have access to one highly knowledgeable and well-rounded individual who can create content that tailored fits your brand. By trusting us with taking charge of your accounts, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that all unique graphics and posts are handled with the utmost quality, freeing up resources for other projects!

Social on auto-pilot

The benefits of having a social media manager

You never have to worry about creating engaging content for your social media channels again – our Social Media Management service will handle it all! With a writer, graphic designer and content being created on autopilot, you can truly maximize the potential of your presence on social media. We make sure each piece is focused on conveying value to your followers so that they keep coming back. Let us take care of it while you focus on growing your business!

Increase Brand Awareness

Customized Content

Boost Engagement

Never forget to post

Social BUZZ



Optional: Add a monthly budget for boosted posts to reach more people

Social SPARK



Optional: Add a monthly budget for boosted posts to reach more people


Affordable social media management

A dedicated social media manager ensures your audience stays engaged and interested in your brand. Our affordable monthly pricing plans gives you access to a creative team member to handle all your social posts without having to pay the high price of having to hire an in-house employee

Social Media F.A.Q

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, your posts will be scheduled on a monthly basis. You will be advised when your posts for the upcoming month are scheduled and you will have the option to look at them prior to them being posted.

We follow the R.E.C.I.P.E formula. Which means not every post will be simply about encouraging your followers to buy from you.

Absolutely, if you have a promotion going on, we'll definitely want to post about it on your behalf. We ask that you give us 48hour notice for any custom posts you need created.


We will use a combination of both! If you have great quality photos you want us to use in our posts, you can send them to us. Alternatively if you don't have a photo that matches a post of if the photos are low quality, we won't use them.

Setting up social media ADs is a separate service and is NOT included in out social media management pricing. Social ADs setup & management would be billed separately. If you're interested in social media advertising, please contact us to discuss pricing and options.

We can however set a monthly budget that allows us to boost your posts so that more people in your community will see them. You're monthly budget would be on-top of the monthly management fee.

Not necessarily. Social media management is an activity based service, not a results based service ( such as SEO, Paid ADs, PPC etc ) which means you're paying to have someone post on your social media on your behalf, not for them to bring in new business. Being consistent on your social media accounts can definitely drive more business, but we can't guarantee it.


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